Let’s make a difference together! We are raising the initial funds to buy equipment to keep Rockfest going while on the road touring with bands! The current state of radio has left a certain group of people feeling like they don’t matter. Our goal is to let them know they matter to us and they matter to God! We also want to give a platform to young Christian Rock artists that want to spread the message of hope that can only come from Jesus Christ!  Any size donation will help make an impact. Please don’t wait on someone else to do this. You can make a difference and help us save lives! 

– Where does the money go?! The money will be used to buy a laptop for the road as well as radio editing software. We will also purchase 3 great sounding mics to bring you the best sound when talking with bands and guests, we will purchase a road case for the equipment to keep it safe. Lastly, we will also need a portable audio interface. I’m sure I’m forgetting something but we wanted you to have an idea where this money is spent. Blessings